Ven. Thich Quang Do

2017-03-27 | VCHR
EPRID and VCHR urge EU to continue and strengthen the mandate of the EU Special Envoy on Freedom of Religion or Belief

2017-03-15 | VCHR
Vietnam Committee on Human Rights denounces violations of Religious Freedom at UN Human Rights Council in Geneva

2017-03-09 | VCHR
VCHR regrets that US State Department’s Human Rights Report fails to raise the case of Buddhist monk Thích Quảng Độ

2017-03-07 | VCHR
International Women’s Day in Vietnam: Imprisonment, Intimidation, Injustice, Inequality

2017-03-02 | VCHR
Pastor Nguyễn Trung Tôn kidnapped and beaten in Vietnam

Thich Quang Do receives Rafto Prize 2006

2006-09-21 - Rafto Foundation : 2006 Rafto Prize to Thich Quang Do, Vietnam [English] [Norsk] [Russian] [Vietnamese] [Deutsch] [Français] [Español]

2006-09-21 - IBIB - Venerable Thich Quang Do is awarded 2006 Rafto Prize for human rights
2006-09-27 - Vietnam Committee - At the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva : Vo Van Ai calls on Vietnam to legalize Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam and allow UBCV Deputy leader Thich Quang Do to travel to Norway to receive Rafto 2006 Human Rights Award
2006-10-27 - IBIB - Dissidents in Vietnam welcome Norway’s Rafto Prize 2006 for Thich Quang Do
2006-10-31 - IBIB - Thich Quang Do cannot travel to Norway to receive the 2006 Rafto Prize
2006-11-07 - IBIB - Vo Van Ai receives 2006 Rafto Prize in Bergen, Norway on behalf of Buddhist dissident Venerable Thich Quang Do
2007-02-14 - Vietnam Committee - Vietnam denies Rafto Foundation Chairman permission to visit Vietnam
2007-03-15 - IBIB - Therese Jebsen of Rafto Foundation is arrested whilst visiting Thich Quang Do in Saigon
2007-03-16 - IBIB - Buddhist leader Thich Quang Do speaks out on the arrest of Rafto Foundation representative Therese Jebsen in Saigon

International Press
2006-09-21 - AFP - Vietnamese monk wins Norwegian prize for human rights
2006-09-21 - Reuters - Vietnamese monk wins Norwegian human rights prize
2006-10-31 - AFP - Vietnam monk fears exile if he travels to accept human rights prize
2006-11-01 - DPA - Vietnam critical of human rights prize for Buddhist monk
2007-02-14 - AFP - Vietnam refuses visa for Norwegian rights activist
2007-02-14 - AFP - Hanoï refuse un visa au président de la fondation Rafto pour les droits de l’Homme
2007-02-14 - AP - Vietnam denies human rights group’s request to present award to dissident
2007-03-15 - AFP - Vietnam police arrest Norwegians at dissident monk’s monastery
2007-03-15 - Reuters - Vietnam police arrest 3 Norwegians on visit to monk


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