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2010-01-16 | IBIB
Buddhist leader Thich Quang Do calls on Buddhists to aid earthquake victims in Haiti

Democracy on Trial in Vietnam: Peaceful advocates receive up to 16 years jail for “subversion”

2010-03-08 | IBIB
On the occasion of International Women’s Day: UBCV leader Thich Quang Do calls on three prominent women to lead a joint initiative for human rights and democracy in Vietnam

At the 13th Session of the UN Human Rights Council: Vietnam Committee denounces double language, stifling of free expression and unfair trials in Vietnam

2010-03-23 | IBIB
At a Hearing on Human Rights and Religious Freedom at the US Congress: UBCV Spokesman Vo Van Ai tells Congress: US-based activist is assaulted for visiting Thich Quang Do – UBCV monks protest unlawful government fine

164 International Human Rights Leagues gathered in Yerevan, Armenia condemn crack-down on human rights defenders in Vietnam

2010-04-18 | QUE ME
Vietnam at the World Movement for Democracy’s Sixth Assembly in Jakarta, Indonesia

2010-04-30 | IBIB
Buddhist monk Thich Khong Tanh is arrested in Saigon

2010-05-11 | Oslo Freedom Forum
Oslo Freedom Forum Screens Rare Interview with Imprisoned Monk for Vietnam Human Rights Day on Capitol Hill

2010-05-28 | IBIB
UBCV Patriarch Thich Quang Do issues Vesak Message

2010-06-15 | IBIB
Patriarch Thich Quang Do writes to the government protesting repression against the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam

2010-06-29 | IBIB
UBCV leader Thich Quang Do announces trip to Binh Dinh to attend Memorial Ceremony for late Patriarch Thich Huyen Quang

Vietnam’s Human Rights Journal should be a forum for debate, not a propaganda tool for the Communist Party

Vo Van Ai calls on President Nguyen Minh Triet to lift the death sentence on student Phan Minh Man

Policeman faces maximum 7 year sentence for beating a youth to death: Vietnam Committee denounces a climate of impunity in Vietnam

2010-08-31 | IBIB
Security Police blockade Giac Minh Pagoda and assault Buddhists – UBCV leader Thich Quang Do sends protest to Hanoi leadership

VIETNAM: “From “Vision” to Facts: HUMAN RIGHTS IN VIETNAM under its Chairmanship of ASEAN”

The Thai authorities prevent a press conference on human rights in Vietnam
Debating Vietnam’s human rights record under its ASEAN Chairmanship is more than ever impossible

2010-11-14 | IBIB
UBCV leader Thich Quang Do welcomes the release of Burma’s democracy leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

2010-11-19 | IBIB
UBCV Spokesman Vo Van Ai welcomes the U.S. International Religious Freedom Report and calls for stronger action to promote religious freedom in Vietnam

International Press

2010-09-12 | DPA
Bangkok launch for Vietnam human rights report cancelled - Summary

2010-09-12 | FCCT
FCCT Under Pressure to Cancel Press Conference

2010-09-12 | The Nation
Thailand opposes Bangkok launch for Vietnam human rights report

2010-09-13 | AFP
Thailand denies entry to Vietnam activists: group

2010-09-13 | The Bangkok Post
FIDH slams Thai-Vietnam collusion

2010-09-13 | The Bangkok Post
Rights group slams move to deny visas for activists

2010-09-13 | GMA News.tv
Thailand blocks news event on Vietnam human rights

2010-09-13 | The Nation
Rights activists banned from talking here

2010-09-13 | The Straits Times
Thailand denies activists entry

2010-09-13 | The West Australian
Thailand bars entry to Vietnam activists

2010-09-13 | The West Australian
Thailand denies visas to Vietnam rights activists

2010-09-13 | DPA
Vietnam pressured Thailand to block visas, activists say

2010-09-13 | VOA
Thailand Halts News Conference on Vietnam's Human Rights Record

2010-09-14 | The Nation
Thailand has tarnished its own rights image

2010-10-15 | The Irrawaddy
Thailand Again Bars Vietnamese Activist

2010-10-28 | Asian Correspondent
Thailand bars Vietnamese human rights activist... again


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