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2006-02-16 | IBIB
Buddhist dissident Thich Quang Do is arrested in Ho Chi Minh City

2006-02-17 | IBIB
Security Police release Buddhist deputy leader Thich Quang Do after 40 Buddhist monks stage hunger strike in Ho Chi Minh City Railway Station

2006-03-15 | IBIB
UBCV nun Thich Nu Thong Man is harassed and expelled from her pagoda for membership of the Khanh Hoa UBCV representative board

2006-03-30 | IBIB
On the eve of the 10th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam, Buddhist leader Thich Quang Do Calls for the Creation of a Free Trade Union to Protect Worker Rights in Vietnam

2006-04-06 | Vietnam Committee
At the World Movement for Democracy’s Fourth Assembly in Istanbul : World Movement for Democracy awards “Democracy Courage Tribute” to Vietnamese dissidents Thich Quang Do and Hoang Minh Chinh

2006-04-11 | IBIB
Buddhist leader Thich Quang Do comments on democracy, pluralism and the 10th Communist Party Congress

2006-04-21 | Vietnam Committee
Vietnam Committee urges the EU Commissioner to press for release of Thich Huyen Quang and Thich Quang Do during visit to Vietnam

2006-04-25 | IBIB
IBIB rejects the statement by Religious Board Chair Ngo Yen Thi on the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam

2006-05-12 | IBIB
As Buddhists in Vietnam celebrate the 2550th Vesak Anniversary : Vietnam harasses members of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam

2006-05-17 | IBIB
UBCV Buddhists are banned from celebrating Vesak in Vietnam

2006-06-01 | IBIB
Buddhist nun Thich Nu Thong Man is expelled from Dich Quang Pagoda for supporting the outlawed UBCV - Monk Thich Chon Tam is offered bribe to become an informer for the Communist Party

2006-06-20 | Vietnam Committee
At the 1st Session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva (19-30 June) : Vietnam Committee calls on new UN Human Rights Council to address gross human rights violations in Vietnam

2006-07-10 | IBIB
50 Buddhist clergy demonstrate in Hanoi to protest death, torture and arbitrary detention of Buddhist monks and lay-followers in Bac Giang

2006-07-20 | IBIB
Vietnam steps up pressure to expel UBCV monk Thich Chon Tam from Tay Hue Pagoda in An Giang

2006-08-28 | Vietnam Committee
Vietnam Committee welcomes the announced release of prisoners, but condemns “piecemeal amnesty” of religious and political dissidents in Vietnam

2006-09-02 | IBIB
Calling for a tri-partite political system : Democracy Courage Tribute recipients Thich Quang Do and Hoang Minh Chinh exchange views on pluralism and democracy in Vietnam

2006-09-08 | Vietnam Committee
Open Letter to the Vietnamese Prime Minister on the occasion of the 6th ASEM Summit, Helsinki, 10-12 September 2006 : Vietnam Committee calls for effective release of all dissidents in prison or under house arrest and the abolition of anti-human rights laws in Vietnam

2006-09-21 | IBIB
Venerable Thich Quang Do is awarded 2006 Rafto Prize for human rights

2006-09-26 | IBIB
UBCV Supreme Patriarch Thich Huyen Quang is hospitalized in Binh Dinh – Patriarch tells Public Security Vice-Minister Nguyen Khanh Toan that he will never abandon struggle for the right to existence of the outlawed UBCV

2006-09-27 | Vietnam Committee
At the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva : Vo Van Ai calls on Vietnam to legalize Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam and allow UBCV Deputy leader Thich Quang Do to travel to Norway to receive Rafto 2006 Human Rights Award

2006-09-28 | IBIB
UBCV Supreme Patriarch Thich Huyen Quang is travelling to Ho Chi Minh City today for hospital treatment

2006-09-29 | IBIB
Venerable Thich Quang Do visits UBCV Patriarch Thich Huyen Quang in Cho Ray Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City

2006-10-01 | IBIB
UBCV Patriarch Thich Huyen Quang is transferred to a private clinic in Ho Chi Minh City

2006-10-16 | IBIB
UBCV Patriarch Thich Huyen Quang leaves hospital today

2006-10-27 | IBIB
Dissidents in Vietnam welcome Norway’s Rafto Prize 2006 for Thich Quang Do

2006-10-31 | IBIB
Thich Quang Do cannot travel to Norway to receive the 2006 Rafto Prize

2006-11-07 | IBIB
Vo Van Ai receives 2006 Rafto Prize in Bergen, Norway on behalf of Buddhist dissident Venerable Thich Quang Do

2006-11-13 | Vietnam Committee
Open Letter to Heads of State at the APEC Summit in Hanoi, 17-19 November 2006 : “Sustainable development requires a free press, free trade unions and independent NGOs” : World leaders at APEC Summit must press Vietnam to initiate a process of political reform

2006-11-14 | IBIB
“Sacrificing principles for profits” : Vo Van Ai regrets US State Department’s decision to withdraw Vietnam from list of Countries of Particular Concern

2006-11-15 | Vietnam Committee
APEC meeting in Hanoi, 12-19 November 2006 : Just Free Trade, no Free Speech : Hanoi dissidents are “off-limits” to foreigners during APEC meeting

2006-11-19 | IBIB
Ho Chi Minh City Police City prohibit UBCV monks from receiving foreigners until APEC leaders leave Vietnam – Suspected of wanting to meet US President George W. Bush, Buddhist Nun Thich Nu Dam Thoa is arrested in Hanoi

International Press

2006-02-17 | AFP
Buddhist monk leader said arrested in Vietnam

2006-02-17 | dpa
Vietnamese dissident monk detained by police

2006-02-17 | ABC Radio
Report Buddhist monk arrested in Vietnam

2006-02-18 | dpa
Dissident Vietnamese monk released after arrest

2006-02-19 | dpa
Raids on Vietnamese Protestants may draw U.S. protest

2006-04-21 | AFP
Activists urge EU to push for release of Vietnam dissidents

2006-04-21 | AFP
EU to raise detainees’ rights with Vietnam’s leaders

2006-07-02 | AFP
New decree seen as threat to Vietnam’s nascent press freedom

2006-08-28 | UPI
Vietnam to free democracy activist

2006-08-29 | AFP
Vietnam must free all dissidents, watchdogs say

2006-08-30 | DPA
VN cyber-dissident to continue criticism

2006-09-21 | AFP
Vietnamese monk wins Norwegian prize for human rights

2006-09-21 | Reuters
Vietnamese monk wins Norwegian human rights prize

2006-10-31 | AFP
Vietnam monk fears exile if he travels to accept human rights prize

2006-11-01 | DPA
Vietnam critical of human rights prize for Buddhist monk

2006-11-27 | The Daily Telegraph
Vietnam dissident accuses Bush of betrayal


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