- 2005 -

2005-01-05 | IBIB
U.S. Ambassador Michael W. Marine visits Venerable Thich Quang Do - Overseas UBCV collects aid for Tsunami victims in Asia

2005-01-15 | IBIB
Thich Nhat Hanh’s visit to Vietnam causes deep concern to UBCV Buddhists

2005-01-24 | IBIB
Buddhist monk Thich Vien Dinh writes to Thich Nhat Hanh

2005-01-26 | IBIB
Thich Nhat Hanh seeks to meet UBCV dignitaries Thich Quang Do and Thich Tue Sy

2005-01-31 | Vietnam Committee
Vietnam Committee welcomes amnesty of dissidents and urges Vietnam to release all long-term political and religious detainees

2005-02-05 | Forum Asia Democracy
Cambodian Opposition leader Sam Rainsy stripped of immunity : a step backwards for Cambodian democracy

2005-02-07 | IBIB
Buddhist monk Thich Thien Minh speaks out after 26 years in prison

2005-02-11 | IBIB
Buddhist dissident Thich Quang Do appeals to the Vietnamese intelligentsia to rally together for democracy and pluralism in Vietnam

2005-02-16 | IBIB
Security Police prevent Buddhist dissident Thich Quang Do from paying a New Year’s visit to Patriarch Thich Huyen Quang

2005-02-23 | IBIB
Buddhist Patriarch Thich Huyen Quang calls for freedom of movement for Thich Quang Do and the lifting of “verbal” house arrest orders

2005-02-28 | IBIB
Thich Thien Minh calls on the United States to maintain Vietnam on the list of worst religious freedom offenders

2005-03-25 | IBIB
Buddhist monk Thich Thien Minh is victim of harassments and death threats
UBCV Patriarch Thich Huyen Quang declines to meet Thich Nhat Hanh in Binh Dinh

2005-03-30 | IBIB
UBCV monk Thich Vien Phuong is arrested after visiting Thich Quang Do - Communist authorities press Thich Huyen Quang to receive Thich Nhat Hanh in Binh Dinh

2005-04-05 | Vietnam Committee
At the 61st Session of the UN Commission Human Rights : Vo Van Ai denounces Vietnam’s secret service GD2 and reveals a Communist Party instruction manual on religious repression

2005-04-11 | IBIB
Security Police arrest Buddhist monk Thich Nguyen Vuong outside Thich Quang Do’s Monastery in Saigon

2005-04-30 | Vietnam Committee
On the Occasion of the 30th Anniversary of the End of the Vietnam War, Vo Van Ai calls on the Community of Democracies in Santiago, Chile to support a democratic process in Vietnam

2005-06-06 | Vietnam Committee
The United Nations pronounces Thich Huyen Quang and Thich Quang Do victims of arbitrary detention and calls for their immediate release

2005-06-15 | Vietnam Committee
Vietnam Committee urges Malaysia not to tear down Vietnamese Boat People Memorial

2005-06-17 | Vietnam Committee
Vietnam Committee urges President Bush to press for human rights and religious freedom in meeting with Vietnamese Premier Phan Van Khai

2005-06-20 | Vietnam Committee
At a Hearing in the US Congress during the visit of Vietnamese Premier Phan Van Khai : Vo Van Ai denounces “religions with socialist orientations” and calls for a National Referendum on Democracy in Vietnam

2005-06-21 | IBIB
As Vietnamese Prime Minister visits President George W. Bush at the White House : Vietnam intercepts UBCV monks on their way to visit Patriarch Thich Huyen Quang

2005-07-09 | IBIB
UBCV leaders Thich Huyen Quang and Thich Quang Do express sympathy to Queen Elizabeth II and Tony Blair following terrorist attacks in London

2005-07-11 | IBIB
UBCV Deputy leader Thich Quang Do calls for UN inquiry mission on freedom of expression and religion in Vietnam

2005-08-10 | IBIB
UBCV Deputy leader Thich Quang Do sends message of solidarity and condolence to Hoa Hao Buddhists in Vietnam

2005-08-18 | IBIB
New wave of repression against the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam

2005-08-31 | Vietnam Committee
Vietnam Committee welcomes the release of prisoners, but condemns Hanoi for “stealing the lives” of religious and political dissidents in Vietnam

2005-09-11 | Vietnam Committee
On the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of the End of the Vietnam War and the advent of Communist rule : The European Parliament holds Hearing on Cambodia-Laos and Vietnam

2005-10-04 | IBIB
EU and UK Ambassadors visit Thich Quang Do in Ho Chi Minh City - UBCV monk Thich Vien Phuong receives heavy fine for filming video message by Thich Quang Do to the UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva

2005-10-28 | IBIB
Vo Van Ai calls on the U.S. to retain Vietnam on the list of religious freedom violators until Vietnam releases prisoners of conscience and legalizes the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam

2005-11-01 | Vietnam Committee
NGO Coalition Urges Creation of Credible UN Human Rights Council

2005-11-09 | IBIB
Vo Van Ai welcomes U.S. decision to maintain Vietnam on black-list of “Countries of Particular Concern” for religious freedom violations

2005-11-20 | IBIB
Security Police assault Thich Quang Do in clash to prevent UBCV monks holding Buddhist celebration in Saigon – State media launches vilification campaign against Thich Quang Do and UBCV provincial committees

2005-11-24 | Vietnam Committee
Vietnam Committee condemns Vietnam’s harassment of dissident Communist Party veteran Hoang Minh Chinh

2005-12-01 | Vietnam Committee
In a Resolution on the Human Rights Situation in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, European Parliament calls for multi-party reforms in Vietnam, condemns recent repression against the UBCV and calls for release of Thich Huyen Quang & Thich Quang Do

2005-12-04 | IBIB
U.S. Congressman Christopher Smith discusses religious freedom and human rights in visit with UBCV Deputy leader Thich Quang Do

2005-12-26 | IBIB
2,000 Buddhists commemorate the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam’s 30 years of peaceful struggle for religious freedom, human rights and democracy – Messages from UBCV Patriarch Thich Huyen Quang, Deputy leader Thich Quang Do, President George W. Bush, Congressman Chris Smith, keynote speeches by MEP Ryszard Czarnecki, Vo Van Ai

International Press

2005-01-06 | AP
U.S. ambassador meets with deputy head of banned Vietnamese church

2005-01-18 | AFP
Buddhist monk returns from exile to political storm in Vietnam

2005-02-01 | AFP
Vietnam rights record under the spotlight despite dissident releases

2005-02-11 | AFP
Religious dissident in Vietnam launches call for democracy

2005-02-11 | ABC Radio
Vietnamese dissident calls for democracy

2005-02-18 | dpa
Vietnam rejects claims that monk was prevented from travelling

2005-03-31 | AFP
Exile group says Buddhist monk arrested in Vietnam

2005-04-05 | AFP
Detained Vietnamese dissident urges democracy in smuggled message

2005-04-05 | Reuters
Vietnam dissident monk makes rare public plea

2005-04-30 | AFP
Accent on economics as Vietnam fetes 30th anniversary of war’s end

2005-06-18 | dpa
Bush urged to tackle human rights with Vietnam’s leader

2005-06-21 | VOA
Vietnam Human Rights Record Under Fire in US Congress

2005-06-30 | AFP
Malaysia to demolish memorial built by Vietnamese boat people : appeal from diaspora group

2005-07-07 | AFP
UN body criticises Vietnam’s detention of Buddhist leaders

2005-07-07 | AFP
UN body criticises Vietnam’s detention of Buddhist leaders - ADDS Vietnam official reax

2005-07-08 | ABC Radio
Vietnam accused of human rights breach over detention of church leader

2005-07-12 | AFP
Buddhist dissident urges UN to check Vietnam ‘rights abuses’

2005-09-14 | European Parliament
Public hearing on human rights in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam

2005-10-05 | AFP
Diplomats meet Buddhist dissident in Vietnam

2005-10-05 | AsiaNews
Western diplomats meet Buddhist dissident

2005-10-27 | AFP
US commission wants Vietnam to remain in religious rights blacklist

2005-11-09 | AFP
Vietnam upset at US decision to keep it on religion blacklist


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