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2016-05-20 | Vietnam Committee on Human Rights
Prominent US Congress members urge President Obama to press for release of Buddhist dissident Thích Quảng Độ during Vietnam visit

2016-05-13 | Vietnam Committee on Human Rights
Police prevent UBCV Deputy Thích Thanh Quang and Youth leader Lê Công Cầu from meeting Australian diplomats in Saigon

2016-05-09 | Vietnam Committee on Human Rights
UBCV Patriarch Thích Quảng Độ calls on President Obama to speak out for human rights during visit to Vietnam

2016-05-02 | Vietnam Committee on Human Rights
U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom places Vietnam on blacklist for violations of freedom of religion or belief

2016-04-26 | Vietnam Committee on Human Rights
Protestant activist ill-treated in Vietnam

Nobel Peace Laureate joins Appeal to end Death Penalty in Vietnam


PARIS, 11 October 2011 (VIETNAM COMMITTEE) - International personalities and organizations have joined the appeal launched on the 9th World Day against the Death Penalty by Quê Me: Action for Democracy in Vietnam and the Vietnam Committee for Human Rights (VCHR) for an end to capital punishment in Vietnam  (1). The two organizations first began campaigning for the abolition of capital punishment in Vietnam at the 56th Session of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights in 2000. At that time, death sentences were increasing annually in Vietnam, with 194 death sentences pronounced in 1999.

In the appeal issued yesterday, Quê Me and the VCHR expressed concern about Vietnam’s lack of transparency on death penalty statistics, the use of the death penalty to sanction vaguely-defined “national security” crimes that could apply to legitimate acts of freedom of expression, and the adoption of a new law in 2011 to execute convicts by lethal injections instead of the firing squad in order to make the death penalty “more humane”.

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mrs. Mairead Corrigan-Maguire, sent the following message today to VCHR President Vo Van Ai. Mrs. Corrigan-Maguire, a Roman Catholic, was awarded the 1976 Nobel Peace prize along with Betty Williams, a Protestant, for uniting Catholics and Protestants in a common initiative to end sectarian violence in their native Northern Ireland.
“Please add my support to your call for an end to the death Penalty in Vietnam.

“The death penalty can never be called 'humane' as it means the Vietnam Government is choosing to take the lives of its citizens when Governments are called to protect human life and uphold UN Declaration of Human Rights and many other international laws. We call upon the Vietnamese Government to abolish the death penalty and join the many world Governments who have already done so”.


Mairead Maguire
Nobel Peace Laureate

(1) See 9th World Day against the Death Penalty: Vietnam makes the Death Penalty “more humane” (Vietnam Committee on Human Rights, 10 October 2011).

2014-04-19 | The Wall Street Journal
The Death of Vietnam's Teacher Dinh
As Hanoi was opposing a U.N. human rights resolution, activist Dinh Dang Dinh died of medical neglect.
By Vo Van Ai

2014-02-05 | Reuters
West denounces repression of bloggers, religions in Vietnam

2013-04-11 | AFP
US pressed to seek rights improvements from Vietnam

2013-04-11 | Radio Free Asia
Call to Press Vietnam at Human Rights Dialogue

2012-11-29 | Radio Free Asia
New Law Limits Religious Freedom

2012-10-30 | Radio Free Asia
Jailed for Sensitive Songs

2012-10-30 | Radio Free Asia
US Diplomat Visits Restive Pagoda

2012-04-27 | The Wall Street Journal
Reading Orwell in Hanoi
A judge reminds bloggers how Vietnamese “justice” really works

2012-02-20 | AFP
Vietnam religious minorities face persecution says activist

2012-02-16 | Reuters
Detained Vietnam monk supports Tibetans after self-immolations

2012-02-16 | ABC Radio
Detained Vietnamese monk supports Tibetan struggle

2011-01-27 | IPS
Communist Party Steps on Already Stifled Newspapers

2010-10-28 | Asian Correspondent
Thailand bars Vietnamese human rights activist... again

2010-10-15 | The Irrawaddy
Thailand Again Bars Vietnamese Activist

2010-09-14 | The Nation
Thailand has tarnished its own rights image


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