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As Hanoi was opposing a U.N. human rights resolution, activist Dinh Dang Dinh died of medical neglect.
By Vo Van Ai

Que Me : Action for Democracy in Vietnam
& Vietnam Committee on Human Rights

Que Me : Action for Democracy in Vietnam is a non-profit organisation of democratic Vietnamese founded in Paris in October 1975. Its aims are to increase international awareness of the human rights situation, mobilize support for victims of human rights abuses and promote efforts for democracy in Vietnam. It has published Quê Me (Homeland), a Vietnamese-language magazine since February 1976. The magazine is circulated underground in Vietnam and amongst the Vietnamese diaspora. It promotes democratic ideas, human rights education and culture, and provides a podium for all those working for the development of individual liberties and human rights in Vietnam. Quê Me : Action for Democracy in Vietnam conducts human rights campaigns through its international organ, the Vietnam Committee on Human Rights (VCHR). Vo Van Ai is the VCHR President, Penelope Faulkner is Vice-President and Vo Tran Nhat is Executive Secretary.

The VCHR's board of Advisers include : Marc Blondel (Force Ouvriere Labour Union, France), Vladimir Boukowsky (Russia), Bill Bradley (former Senator, USA), Larry Diamond (Hoover Institution, USA), Paul Goma (Roumania), Charles D. Gray (former Head, International Dept., AFL-CIO, USA), Senator Orrin G. Hatch (USA), David Kilgour (MP, former Deputy Speaker of the Canadian Parliament), Stephen Nedzynski (Poland), Douglas Pike (Vietnam Center, University of Texas, USA), Leonid Plyush (Ukraine). Other founder members are : Milovan Djilas (Writer, former Yugoslavia), Eugene Ionesco (Playwright, Member of French Academy), Lane Kirkland (Former President, AFL-CIO, USA), Jean-Francois Revel (France).

As an affiliate of the Paris-based International Federation of Human Rights Leagues (FIDH) founded in 1922, the VCHR has consultative status at the UNO, UNESCO and the Council of Europe. Vo Van Ai is the overseas human rights spokesman for the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam and Director of the International Buddhist Information Bureau in Paris.



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